Jozi Cats is the home of inclusive rugby in Africa.

We provide a safe and harassment-free environment for everyone to enjoy the game of rugby. Some player members will be there for the exercise, learn a new sport and the social component and may train sporadically as their lifestyle and schedules allow.

Others are highly competitive and may wish to progress to provisional levels and beyond. Either way and regardless of your fitness and skill level, there is a place for you at the Jozi Cats!

We compete in local contact club rugby league as well as international gay and inclusive rugby. Our touch rugby club competes in an In2Touch rugby league at Zoo Lake Sports Club and have a very sociable club culture.

We always strive to live up to our values both on and off the field and give our coaches, teams mates, officials, spectators and fans the respect they deserve at all times. Good sportsmanship is a cornerstone of our club along with having fun.

One of our brand campaigns for this year is #BtheWhistle which stands for blowing the whistle in Homophobia in Sport which we’ll continue to do until we have changed the sporting code of ethics to be representative of the LGBTQI* community.

A new theme for 2018 is to promote a more inclusive and tolerant attitude in the game with our #PrideInRugby initiative.