Welcome to Jozi Cats!

Rugby isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a Jozi Cat!

We have had an overwhelming response from people locally and internationally that love and support what we stand for but do not necessarily want to play rugby, yet still want to contribute and be part of the club.

As long as you subscribe to our values and want to make a difference, you too can be a Jozi Cat!

We’ve also┬álaunched our #ChangeMaker membership where our Value partners will be offering Jozi Cats members a range of non-rugby fitness activities and services to live your best life in health in well-being and have fun. Our ChangeMaker members will have all the benefits of being a Jozi Cat: you will be able to participate in our #commUNITY initiatives, be added to our Facebook members group, be able to vote and can be elected onto our management team.