Jozi Cats is Africa’s first inclusive, competitive rugby club that stands for being a people association first, a sporting organisation second and a community change-maker third.

We endeavour to live and breathe our values at all times, both on and off the field to inspire both local and global sporting and LGBTQI* communities to follow our example.

As a brand we are both disruptive and innovative with our approach to social media, marketing and running of Jozi Cats Rugby Club, to support our causes as #ChangeMakers within our four communities: our members, rugby community, LBGTIQI* community and our local geographic communities.

Jozi Cats Rugby Club is a registered NPO (169 – 144 NPO)


To create a lasting legacy of true transformation in sport through rugby, from within our community for our geographic, rugby, LGBTQI communities, for all communities.


We provide a safe space for our communities to enjoy the game of Rugby by promoting inclusivity and diversity in sport and equality for all.

Our Objectives:

  • To grow a formidable inclusive rugby club with over 100 members in 2018, that has a secure future a 100 years from now.
  • Represent Africa and compete on the international stage of inclusive rugby.
  • Grow Inclusive Rugby across the country and shift the stereotypical, conservative narrative of rugby by promoting inclusivity and diversity in sport sport and equality for all.
  • Promote the creation of safe spaces for the LGBTQI* community along with the spirit of community across the country and blow the whistle on homophobia in Sport, with the outcome to change the sporting code of ethics in South Africa.
  • We also are creating an inclusivity policy for rugby in SA that affords protection and representation for players, coaches, Referees and spectators of minority, for individuals with HIV and promotes inclusivity and tolerance and understanding for transgender players.
  • Secure a lead sponsor for the Jozi Cats in 2018 and the future to carry out objectives and achieve our goals.
  • Secure a sponsor for the Khayelitsha Cats – Khayelitsha’s first all lesbian team, to formalise their club structures and support them to create a truly safe space for their community to enjoy the game of rugby.